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Why memorising matters and what I’m doing about it

I hate rote learning as much as anyone can. My high school exams were a nightmare to prepare for. I detested the process of memorising facts, just so to vomit them out on an exam paper. So much so that … Continue reading

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A smart excuse to not put in the effort

At some point in our lives we seem to find ourselves in a kind of ‘flow’ where we find our work effortlessly enjoyable. All the knobs in our heads have been tuned just to the right extent allowing us to … Continue reading

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Choose a Better Belief System

I deeply care about how I can make the most out of what I have. I obsess about efficiency and I try my best to find the tools that can help me become more productive. This post is about belief systems and … Continue reading

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Improving productivity by finding the rate-determining step

The other day a lab-mate who started his PhD work with me made a neat observation. He said: I find myself quite pleased to see how efficient I’ve become in the lab. While teaching the new student who started last … Continue reading

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