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An experiment with delegation

I recently attended one of the best talks I have been to in Oxford. It was a talk by Felix Dennis of Dennis publishing. He is one of the most famous self-made billionaires in Britain. And to his credit he … Continue reading

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Finding sources of motivation

Motivation to do something acts as that driving force which helps us through every phase of an activity. It gives us the energy to initiate the task, then to continue through its ups and downs, and finally also to bring … Continue reading

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What if you could control the drive within you?

Anything you do gets done faster and produces better results if you have the drive to do it. A drive that pushes you, that sets new limits and that forces you to seek new sources to power yourself. When you … Continue reading

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How important is it to have heroes?

In a recent post Seth Godin compared the efforts needed to learn a new thing with the joy one gets from doing it. Graph 1: Over time, as we discover new things and get better at it, our satisfaction increases. … Continue reading

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