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Always eat fruits before a meal?? The science behind false claims

Short answer: It may have marginal benefits. Definitely not enough to entirely change your eating habits though! Long rant: I was sent this email as a forward. Many of you might have received it. This blog post is an attempt to put … Continue reading

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Quick Fix Recipe 2: Potato + Onion + Yogurt

This is part of a series on recipes that I use to fix myself a quick meal with as little number of ingredients as possible. Ingredients: 2 tbsp vegetable oil 1/2 small onion 300 g potatoes 100 g yogurt salt, … Continue reading

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Quick Fix Recipe 1: Mushroom + Egg + Onion

Just like many students, I started cooking in September 2008 when I left India for my studies at Oxford. A few weeks before I left, I tried my hand at cooking simple dishes. It wasn’t that hard. But once you … Continue reading

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