Polymer and Surface Engineering & Technology

Departments at ICT:

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Dyestuff & Intermediates Technology
  3. Fibers & Textile Processing Technology
  4. Food Engineering & Technology
  5. Oils, Oleochemicals & Surfactant Technology
  6. Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology
  7. Polymer & Surface Engineering & Technology

Contributions for Polymer and Surface Engineering Technology

Apoorva Patel

  • Degree pursuing:     BTech Polymer & Surface Engineering
  • Year of Graduation: 2011
  • Email:                         apoorvapatel89@gmail.com

About ICT: ICT has now become a deemed university. This has led to a lot of changes in its various facets including the infrastructure. Though the construction work around is causing a lot of inconvenience right now, I am sure all of it will definitely be worth it. After all, it is for the benefit of the ICT family. Once everything starts functioning smoothly it will be advantageous in all possible ways. The future students of ICT have a lot to look forward to!

Experience with ICT: I have been studying in this institute for three years now. By the time I reached final year, I gained tremendous experience and this place has actually transformed my personality. Not only in studies but also extra-curricular activities which provide a platform to showcase one’s talents. As we know ICT was formerly known as UDCT; this name matters a lot, considering its brand value. Even though I personally have not had much interaction with the chemical industry, it is a known fact that most of the top office bearers in the chemical companies are alumni of this prestigious institute. It really makes me proud.

About Department (Polymer and Surface Engineering Department): In this 21st century, Surface Engineering (Paints) Technology is one of the fastest growing and developing field. Hence there is a wide scope of research in this field, also the number of students studying in it is less compared to others. In this department, polymer as well as paints technology is studied which is inter related up to a large extent.

Improvements necessary:

  • Inter-department co-ordination
  • Labs with back-up for small problems which occur frequently
  • Safety measures section / first aid section / medical center
  • Follow-up of alumni to make strong network which can help students to know more about alumni, better internship training as well as job opportunities and social activities.
  • More practical knowledge should be given e.g. industrial visits, in-plant training, and small projects during academic year.
  • Screening of individual department with respect to regular lectures, paper corrections and marks distribution.
  • Support to students for extracurricular activities (social, sports, cultural) from all departments and professors.
  • Photocopying facility inside the campus.
  • Non-technical library should be set-up
  • Strong communication of official notices and students via emails

Advice to students: Be part of UAA (UICT Alumni Association), keep yourself updated with the happenings in the institute. Contribute towards the development and betterment of the college as well as its students in every way possible.

Naveen Singh

  • Degree Obtained:     BTech Polymer Engineering and Technology
  • Year of Graduation: 2005
  • Current Position:      PhD Student University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • Email:                         nksingh16@gmail.com

My journey in the field of Polymer Engineering started from the great place then called as UDCT. Well now I call it a great place, but frankly I had no idea about that place till someone asked me to apply to it after completing my high school. My first experience with the administrative staff was not good though, especially being out of Maharashtra state. They didn’t send the chemical engineering application form, even after paying for it, and the explanation they gave was I didn’t have enough credentials to get in that department. Then I got my admission in Polymer engineering and Technology department. But officially I was not on the department roll, as I didn’t get the admission letter from the University.

So overcoming those administrative hurdles, I started the great journey, in which I faced successes and failures. But each of them was memorable, and now I cherish them all, and sometimes have chuckles on some of the events that happened during that period.

I actually started having some initial involvement in Polymer Engineering and technology department, only in the fourth semester, till then it was fun to learn so much about all the other subjects (but I still regret that mathematics was not in our first four semesters, but were later). The department was not one of the most helpful departments, but I think the students in the department were so determined that they were self sufficient. Having teachers in the like of Prof. Kale, Prof. Malshe and Prof. Shenoy, I definitely learnt the basics, but very important concepts of Polymer Engineering and Science. The lab work was pretty good, for undergraduate research purposes. But can be improved a lot just by making small changes.

One thing I learnt after completing four years at ICT, is that hard work and having great friends do make a good life ahead. And I could say that I would like to come back to ICT in some form someday in future. The only thing which might resist lots of people to come back to the college is the college politics, which once taken care of, can make this college among the top in the world.

And finally I do want to say that I owe to ICT for being here in my life right now doing my PhD still in Polymers, after working for 2 years again with Polymers. For future students, I would like to say that make your choices right, Polymer Science is an awesome field of research, but in order to get ahead, have to work hard and be ready to face some hard times too.


2 Responses to Polymer and Surface Engineering & Technology

  1. Kaustabh says:

    Hi Naveen,
    I have taken admission this year in ICT for B.Tech in Polymer and Surface Coating Engineering. I would be grateful if you could expand on the prospects of this course after the B.Tech degree and its job prospects. Also, this subject does not feature in the GATE Exams as of now. I would like to know the subject that we are eligible for taking in the GATE Exam ?

  2. Sainath says:

    hi naveen,
    i wud like to future prospects of polymer .i have taken admission in udct for polymer.also how wud i be able to get syllabus for semester from net could u help

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