Food Engineering & Technology

Departments at ICT:

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Dyestuff & Intermediates Technology
  3. Fibers & Textile Processing Technology
  4. Food Engineering & Technology
  5. Oils, Oleochemicals & Surfactant Technology
  6. Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology
  7. Polymer & Surface Engineering & Technology

Contributions for Food Engineering & Technology

Rati Bhagwat

  • Degree Obtained:   B.Tech. Food Engineering & Technology
  • Year Graduated:    2009
  • Current  Position:   Graduate student at University of Leeds
  • Email:             
  • Blog:               

I was determined to secure a place at ICT right from the beginning of HSC, the strongest reasons being acquiring the stamp of the world-renowned Institute, doing something different from the clichéd IT and electronics which (unlike ICT’s fields) are heavily affected by recession, excellent faculty (we never had to join any classes!), bright post-course prospects and the positive feedback about the Institute from my elder sister (B.Tech. 2007).

The first year syllabus includes all the common subjects of engineering for all the B.Tech. branches. The subjects of specialization begin from the second year. As we proceed from first year to final year, the weightage of specialized subjects in the syllabus increases and that of the common subjects decreases. My course encompassed Food Processing, Preservation, Packaging, Flavouring, Biochemical and Microbiological studies. The second year comprises of basic study of the chemistry of food constituents, biochemistry and nutrition. A strong base of understanding is established by third year wherein you learn about dairy, plant, meat, confectionery and cereal technology. And during the final year, you are smoothly taken through the complex world of Fermentation and biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Food Engineering and plant design and Recent developments in Food Technology.

The students also undergo two summer internships (6 weeks each) after the end of second year and third year. The most commonly involved companies are Britannia, Cadburys, General Mills, Nestle, Coca Cola, London Pilsner etc. I did my training at Britannia after second year where I was given a thorough experience of Lab Analysis, Production and Quality Control. Post-third year internship was done at General Mills (Pillsbury, Betty Crockers etc.) R&D department. I gained a deep insight into Product Formulation and Product and Process Research while working on Betty Crocker’s products. You are also supposed to prepare and conduct a Seminar during 7th Sem and work on a Project during 8th Sem.

The future prospects are bright, be it a job or post-graduation. You only have to be sure of what you really want to pursue after graduation during third year itself so that you have ample time on hands to prepare for GMAT/GATE/GRE or for campus interviews. The best part is that you get some flexibility to choose your postgrad course. A B.Tech branch student can apply and receive an offer for Masters in Chemical Engineering. A B.Chem student can go for further studies in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, etc. A B.Tech Oils student can be a MS Food Science candidate and so on. For jobs, there are countless opportunities but to brighten your prospects, you should build up a good rapport with all your seniors and alumni working in your field. Networking is a must!

You develop most of your network during cultural festival and technical events. These occasions bring all the batches and the branches together and if you actively participate in the Technological Association (GS, CS, Sports sec, Profs, The Spirit Editor etc.), you are gifted with some management experience, brownie points on your CV, powerful contacts and sponsors. And trust me, if you ever want to get rid of stage-fright, ICT fest is THE place, however bad you are!

The only thing I dislike about ICT is the haphazard arrangement of theory and practicals in the syllabus during your entire course; the two never go hand-in-hand! And here’s my advice for freshers: you may hate ICT for the first 6 months because of the (pretentious) cold vibes given by your immediate seniors, a slight change in the approach of the faculty towards students, for breaking out of that ‘tuition’ shell during your board exams. It takes a few months and you find that your seniors are the friendliest and most helpful creatures on planet earth! No other college has the ‘adopt-a-junior’ system like ICT.

All in all, ICT strikes the right balance between studies and extracurricular activities. You study with the cream, you mingle with great minds and by the time you graduate, you realize the positive difference in your overall personality and your grey matter rightly channelized.

Utkarsh Shah

  • Degree obtained:             B.Tech in Food Engineering and Technology
  • Year of Graduation:        2009
  • Current position:            Graduate Student, University of Arkansas.
  • Email:                     

The institute, studies, extra-curriculars, career options: I chose BTech foods at ICT over B.Tech Biotechnology at BITS, Ranchi and it was the best decision that I had ever made. Now, I see myself as a changed person and kudos to ICT and the people of ICT. I really dont have much to say about studies at ICT as I was not much into it, but one thing is for sure it prepared me for the worst. I feel superior than many of my colleagues out here, only because I have been trained to go through a lot. I still remember the amount of notes and photocopies we had in various semesters but trust me, its totally worth it. All that knowledge that seems useless in ICT proves it worth later on in life.

I had a passion to get involved in extra-curricular activities. To be precise, sports. I played a lot of sports and I still miss that part of my life as now I dont play as much. UD may not be that good in sports infrastructure but it was decent enough to satisfy a sports freak like me. I still praise the work of people who tried their best to develop sports infrastructure. Hostel life was one of the significant highlights of my life in ICT. All through the four years I met people from different parts of India and made some longlasting friendships. To me, ICT has offered the best an undergrad college can. It will dig out your talent and for your entire life you can proudly say that, ” Yes, I graduated from ICT, Mumbai, Batch- 2009″

Things you like to change: I always wanted a GPA scale which never happened when I was studying but it seems that now it has been implemented. Faculty needs to be more modern in their approach of teaching and interaction with students has to be increased. Exams should be prepared considering fundamental approach rather than relying on students memory. I would personally want more take home exams which helps students to dig into the material and they should be graded so that students take them seriously, rather than just grading the closed book exams. Sports needs to given more importance and it has to be made officially compatible with lecture hours and exams to avoid confusions. College should realize that representing a college for various sports tournament is in turn a advantage to college itself.

Advice to incoming students: As I mentioned earlier if you like chemistry and related fields, blindly enter ICT, because its going to change you as a person. When you pass out from ICT, you will never have to say that you did engineering from some college in University of Mumbai, but in fact you would proudly say that, ” Yes I am an ICTian”. It will be just like a roller coaster ride, you will have to enjoy the thrill of being in ICT, like evening talks with friends, having cutting chai from Munna canteen, sleepless nights before exams, constant thrill of awaiting results, representing your college in sports and other activities, playing sports with immense fun, the list is endless. This will be indeed a ride of your life. One day when you complete this roller coaster ride you will walk out with a smile that is worth a thousand words.


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  1. gautam samdani says:

    i have joined ict and my branch is food engg and tech which courses am i eligible for further studies in US

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