Fibers and Textile Processing

Departments at ICT:

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Dyestuff & Intermediates Technology
  3. Fibers & Textile Processing Technology
  4. Food Engineering & Technology
  5. Oils, Oleochemicals & Surfactant Technology
  6. Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology
  7. Polymer & Surface Engineering & Technology

Contributions for Fibers & Textile Processing Technology

Neeraj Shrivastava

  • Degree Obtained: B. Tech in Fibres and Textile Processing Technology
  • Year of Graduation: 2009
  • Current Position: Scientist “B”, Wool Research Association (Ministry Of Textiles)
  • Email:

Today, when I stand in the world outside, I realize what actually ICT has given me. It’s not just a BTech, but also respect and honour. The moment you say you are a ICTian, you gain a different level of respect thanks to the excellent and influential alumni it has created over time. This college gives you an edge in the outside world whether its higher education or job prospects. You are at the best place and you will surely be among the top in the chemical arena. This college gives the best opportunities for studying abroad and if you want to pursue a career in research, you are at the best place in India.

Best Places: Dr. B. P. Godrej Canteen, Prof. M. M. Sharma Library, Hostel No. 5, Chemical Engineering Lab, Textile Analytical Lab.

  • ICT has one of the best faculties in India and studies are not just textbook-based but also made in a way to suit the industry. The unique thing is you are not limited to your specialization, you can work under any Professor of any department for short term projects if it’s in your academic interest. Every department offers some uniqueness in its course and the chemical engineering subjects add a lot of value to your learning. It makes you a complete Chemical Technologist.
  • ICT offers a very friendly environment and there is a lot of support even from master’s and doctoral students. Situated in the heart of Mumbai with the cluster of other most reputed colleges in Mumbai, peaceful and green, it certainly made my journey a memorable one.
  • Extra-curricular activities were not encouraged as much but I saw a considerable change during my four years at ICT. Yet I believe if you have interest, and are ready to make an effort yourself and then it’s possible to do what you like. Even college fest like Manzar, Exergy, Texpression etc are becoming bigger every year.
  • Canteen food is nice and cost effective but quality wise it needs some attention and also menu hardly changed during last 4 years.
  • There are hardly any regular assessment being done and semester marks are mostly based on theory and practical marks. As a result, students take lesser interest in regular projects and assignments.
  • Inter-departmental coordination can be improved so that student get faster benefits and not much time is wasted in formalities especially for project related work.
  • A central Job Placement cell is needed and can help students in getting job offers and also establishing better communication between the companies and the college.

Vinit Singh

  • Degree Obtained:        B. Tech. (Fibers & Textile Processing)
  • Year of Graduation:    2009
  • Positions held at ICT: Sports Secretary
  • Current Position:         Graduate Research Student, Texas Tech University
  • Contact:              

Institute of Chemical Technology is one of the finest in terms of the quality of education. It remains to be one of the top ten institutions for studies in chemical technology in India.

Things I like: The historical main building, the beautiful ICT gardens and lastly The Prof. M. M Sharma library.

Things that need improvement: The institute lacked in extracurricular activities as compared to its competitors like the IITs. Proper infrastructure needs to be setup for better opportunities to participate in extracurricular. The involvement of IT department should not be limited to Professors. By providing students with email addresses will increase the speed of communication and speed work which is must in today’s world. The Technological Association though appears on the official website of ICT but few understand the roles that different posts play within the TA.

My activities: Being the Sport Secretary for Technological Association (2007-2008) I was able to achieve: a flood lights for the football ground, a renovated sports field, an extensive drainage system for ICT grounds and hostel premises, a well-constructed street to connect the hostels with the Institute, basketball court. On the academic front I helped students in the first semester in a way that enabled students to get to know how much they have to raise themselves to match the standard of ICT.

Advice: My advice to incoming students is if you don’t serve your alma mater then you have no right to expect anything in return.

Rohit Vaidya

  • Degree Obtained:        B. Tech. (Fibers & Textile Processing)
  • Year of Graduation:    2006
  • Further studies:          MS Industrial Engineering – University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Current Position:         Supply Chain Analyst, Medline Industries, USA
  • Contact:              

I consider myself privileged to have had an opportunity to spend four years of my life in these portals of excellence. A lot has changed since I passed out of ICT therefore I will refrain from commenting on the extra-curricular activities and the curriculum at this point. Instead I will talk about one of my most valuable takeaways from ICT – the ability to think laterally. This quality that ICT imbibed into me has enabled me to look at problems analytically and to come up with creative solutions. This can be attributed to the interest the professors generate in the subjects that they teach – it may be core chemical subjects or economics, which makes one want to explore it further. When I went on to study Industrial Engineering, it was this ability that helped me to grasp the various new concepts that I was exposed to. Therefore, my advice to incoming students would be to make the most of this opportunity of being surrounded by the very best in the chemical industry by immersing themselves in the subject with an objective to gain knowledge while also developing the skill of thinking laterally as this will go a long way in all their future endeavors. Also, generous participation in extra-curricular activities will define a well-rounded personality which is very important whether you go for further studies or take up a job. In short – work hard, play harder and live up to the brand image that ICT commands.

Things that I would like to improve –

  • ICT website – which is kind of dull, does not generate interest in the reader and is not very user-friendly. Also, last time I checked it still said “UDCT” – it’s confusing to have the same institute called 3 different names. We could also improve on the content and its presentation.
  • Stronger Alumni network – Most of the great institutions around the world have a strong and close knit alumni network. In my opinion we need to build a database which is easily searchable by alumni and current students of ICT to ensure that everyone is constantly connected.
  • Alumni chapters in India and abroad.
  • Better on-campus information technology facilities such as campus email, course portals etc.
  • Flexible courses rather than a pre-defined syllabus – this will allow each student to pursue his interests within chemical engineering/technology.
  • Marketing “Brand ICT” – Higher level of awareness outside the chemical industry.


28 Responses to Fibers and Textile Processing

  1. ZAID says:

    today i got a seat in 1st year engg in fibres & textile processing.i wanted to know what r d opportunies in this field? if possible, shud i change branch & opt for other stream?

    • akshatrathi294 says:

      There are plenty of opportunities in all the fields as would be clear from the testimonies of so many students. I will recommend you to read about the subjects taught in each of the courses and then decide for yourself which one you like best.

      • Zaid says:

        Thank you.after reading the testimonies of the ex-ictians some of d following doubts arise in my mind.i would be grateful if u clear them.
        As mentioned by ex-ictians, course in ict is like a ‘khichdi’.you r not an engineer.
        2.only people who do b.chem. engg. get jobs and d students remain jobless.(I know it is wrong to expect a job just after u complete ur needs to pursue a masters degree to secure a job. students often find themselves stuck in IT jobs rather than hardcore industries.

        i dont think i would be able to pursue a masters degree since my family’s financial condition is not good.i dont want to remain a ‘berozgaar’ after completing my course.Please help.

  2. Prof. V.C.Malshe says:

    Dear Zaid
    I do not think you are right.
    Most students get readily absorbed by the industry. In spite of producing the largest number of graduates in any branch(about 30-35), the employment opportunities are never too less. Textile graduates get employed in several areas. Textile mills in processing, developing, manufacturing and marketing of auxiliary chemicals and also becoming entrepreneurs . I have known several who have migrated to core polymer chemistry(Dr. Sawant Pidilite) or polymer physics (Prof. Gulrajani, HOD Textiles IIT Delhi) and made great careers. You therefore need not worry. Besides, Textiles is one of the basic needs of human being. (Roti Kapada and Makan)

  3. kunal kashyap says:

    Good morning sir. My name is kunal kashyap and i just gave my 12th exam i secured 117 in aieee and was thinking to join the fibres and textile processing course in ICT .Can u please guide me as to what exactly is this field? and what are d prospects?. As this is a complete alien field to me,i am unaware of the subjects taught in this course and job guarantee after i pass out.please guide!

  4. kunal kashyap says:

    Another question i had in my mind was, students scoring 2mrks in aieee have been selected in the merit list while the minimum cutoff through aieee is 101.Can students with that less marks get into ICT?

    • Akshat Rathi says:

      Hi Kunal,

      I am not involved in the admission procedure and won’t be able to help you with this. I am sure the ICT office or students at ICT would be able to help though.

  5. kunal kashyap says:

    sorry to trouble you akshat,but i also wanted to ask that during the provisional merit list my merit no.was 468 but during the final merit list my no.dropped down to 481.and for councillin round the ict people have called only 200 candidates are there anyb chances of me gettin into ict>?????plz help

  6. Mihir says:

    @Kunal Kashyap
    That is only for first round admission, There are two more rounds left.Rather go by last year AIEEE cutoffs to see whether youll get admission

  7. kunal kashyap says:

    guys i really appreciate your concern toward me in this matter!.but i am frequently checking the website but there isnt any mention of 2 round or availability of seats through aieee as yet so i am tensed

    • Mihir says:

      I attended the counselling session today, They said that they will announce round 2 details later because they do not want it to clash with CAP/DTE round 1. Wait for details

  8. kunal kashyap says:

    thanks for informing me!I will still search for the details on the website and thanks once again

  9. Chirag Mudaliar says:

    Can i do a post grad in chem engg after btech in FOOD and TEXTILE?I have read that we get restricted to textile field after a btech in the same!! could any ICTian advice me?

    • Mihir Bhagat says:

      Yeah you can do that. It not like if you do specialisation in Food/Textiles you only have to do PG in the same field. Even the professors here say that.
      BTW, Attending this college for one week makes me realise the value of it. Much better than any other college.

      @Akshat Hey, I got an upgrade to Dyes. Hows it? I took it as it has the most organic chemistry.

  10. Rukhsar says:

    I need to know where can I find the complete course patter for Textile engineering from ICT. I mean, I want to know what subjects will be there in all the years and what will be the topics under each subject.

  11. Mihir Bhagat says:

    I reckon that would be hard to find online. However, the next time you visit our campus, be sure to ask for the Students Diary/Handbook. It has a Branch-wise Year-wise list of Courses you’d be taking.
    Purely from a personal point of view, ICT has actually helped me grow. Seniors are very supportive, Professors are approachable and are perhaps better than most of Mumbai colleges. Their LOR’s are excellent given their hundreds of research papers if you wish to pursue an MS or PhD later on. The campus is the largest in the city (Except IITB). Extra-Curriculars are amazing. We have around four college fests (Freshers,Vortex,Manzar,Sportsaga). Textiles has their own college fest 😀 .
    Not to be a gloat, but all this makes us a better institute than the rest.If you’re not hell bent on placements and are willing to work hard (And party harder, Of course), Textiles would be one great decision you’d be taking.

  12. vinod malshe says:

    ICT does not offer any course on Textile technology. ICT only has textile Chemistry.
    For textile technology three institutions offer. These are VJTI, matunga, Institute of Textile technology Kanpur and DKT Ichalkaranjee.
    Please find the details of admission dated from net.

  13. Yashashree says:

    i have taken admission in ict in btech textiles,,, but fearing the drop in textile industry should i change my mind of opting for a better course in another college ???? plzzz help ..

    • Mihir Bhagat says:

      I guess the first round just ended. Wait till the Second, You’d be promoted anywhere to Polymers or Pharma, either of which have very strong placements in Industry.

  14. Sairohit Raghupathy says:

    I have got Chemical Engineering at Thadomal Shahani Engineering College
    And there are chances of getting Textile in ICT in the second or third round
    My CET score is 135
    I’m confused whether to take up textile or chemical
    I’m interested in both
    What are the job prospects for textile and fibres processing tech?
    And is there a possibility to do post-graduation in some other branch of Chemistry or do I have to stick to Textiles only?

  15. Mihir Bhagat says:

    I’d say you’d surely get Textiles in the third round.

    At ICT, under the BTech course, we learn a part of Chemical Engineering and a part of Branch-Specialized Chemistry/Technology. So maybe, that should help you to decide better. And it’s remarkable you’ve decided to pursue what interests you.

    Job prospects for ICT Textiles would be at par with TSEC Chemical. The lowest is around 3-3.5 LPA and averaging 4.5 LPA. However, these figures could be much higher if you have strong Acads, Leadership and Teamwork skills.

    Sure, you can jump from Textiles to Chemical Engineering/Chemistry for Graduate study. In this case, the only things that matter are your GATE/NET/GRE scores, Acads, Research Experience and extra-curriculars.

    ICT is in a league of its own. The platform ICT provides, coupled with your HARDWORK is a great recipe for success.

  16. Sairohit Raghupathy says:

    Thanks a lot!
    And is there any site where I can see the syllabus for Textiles at ICT? I haven’t got any information on the syllabus 😦

    • Mihir Bhagat says:

      Like I said. It’s available in the students’ Handbook/Diary. Every student at ICT has one. You can also request for it in the ICT Office.

      For more details, Get in touch with Prof. Adivarekar,Textiles HOD; He’s quite approachable.

      • Sudiv Gulla says:

        I would like to know about the scope/placement oppurtunities after textiles..(looking at prev. year cutoff, guess it’ll be easy to get in).
        Also I want to know that whether a person would be solely stuck on textiles or can do MS/ME ChemE from ICT itself or abroad…
        Any help would be appreciated.
        And if there is any chance of upgradation in the second year based on performance or so..

  17. Namita Nair says:

    I’m sorry if these questions have been asked before in this thread; unfortunately, I do not have much knowledge about these branches and thought the best thing would be to ask an ex-student.
    1. Is the institute a good choice for the students who would prefer to get a job immediately after their B.Tech degree? Or does it focus more on the research students?
    2. Is it possible to get placed after if I get into textile or polymer branch(for that matter, any branch other than chemical)?
    3. Will it be possible to change the branch after the first year depending upon the performance?

    Thank you

  18. Rushikesh Zanwar says:

    I have got a seat in fibres and textile processing tech course ….can i do business in this field later on…or is this field job/research oriented..???

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