Dyestuff & Intermediates Technology

Departments at ICT:

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Dyestuff & Intermediates Technology
  3. Fibers & Textile Processing Technology
  4. Food Engineering & Technology
  5. Oils, Oleochemicals & Surfactant Technology
  6. Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology
  7. Polymer & Surface Engineering & Technology

Contributions for Dyestuff & Intermediates Technology

Prashant Chopade

  • Degree Obtained:     BTech Dyes & Intermediate Technology
  • Year of Graduation: 2005
  • Current Position:      PhD Student Kansas State University
  • Email:                         prashant.chopade@gmail.com

ICT has been always a dream college for those who want to make their career in Chemical Engineering, Sciences or Technology. ICT offered me a great educational atmosphere with renowned professors teaching not just theory but also lab practicals. Coursework is equally divided in to theory and lab.  This approach of teaching gave me clear idea about ‘why am I studying this in theory?’ and ‘how I could use this in the industry?’.  Other than curricular work there are always so many extra-curricular events in ICT, these events give you little break from your day-to-day activities and give you great experience by getting involved in organizing those events or by even just by participation.

If you are thinking of doing MS/PhD abroad or MBA or even starting your own industry or writing your own book, etc etc, then I think ICT is the college you should join. All these career options have been pursued by the alumni of ICT. One of the reasons why ICT students find success is because of the guidance given by senior students at ICT. As a result, I had no problems achieving my dream. I wanted to apply for graduate studies in US after my B.Tech. We have ICT alumni’s in almost all the states in USA either pursuing higher degree or doing job, they guided me through the application process starting from ‘what competitive exams I need to give?’ to ‘what questions are asked at the VISA interview?’.  Without the guidance given by alumni and recommendation letters from ICT profs I couldn’t imagine pursuing a Ph. D. in Chemistry at Kansas State University.


4 Responses to Dyestuff & Intermediates Technology

  1. Nitin Dhonde says:

    Hi Prashant,
    This is Nitin Dhonde. My son Minar is expected to get addmission in ICT this year and most likely he will get admission in B.Tech Dyestuff Technology. However we are not really having the right level of information in terms of future prospects in this industry. My son is definitely looking forward higher studies either in India or overseas. But we are very keen to know different opportunites post B.Tech in Dyestuff technology…from education as well as career perspective.

    Your guidance in this reagrd will be highly appreciated. You can also write to me on my email ndhonde@hotmail.com


  2. Chinmay Vad says:

    Hello Prashant Sir
    This is Chinmay Vad.
    I got Dyestuff Technology in ICT dis year..
    Cn u accquaint me some good reviews from u and d job oppurtunities dat wld arise aftr MS.
    I gt some criticism for dyestuff from many people..
    I hav also secured a seat in Electronics.
    So derz more pressure on me on goin electronics.
    So please reply as soon as possible…

  3. Vikram Karve says:

    Hi, I am currently studying B Tech In Dyestuff Dept. What foreign colleges offer M Tech and PhD courses in Green Technology? Also are any of your friends currently studying in Germany? if so are there oppurtunities available there?


  4. milav patel says:

    Respected prashant sir,

    Actually I want to pursue undergraduate course in dyestuffs technology in abroad, do you have any information of institutes in abroad for this.

    I am waiting for your reply.

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