Chemical Engineering

Departments at ICT:

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Dyestuff & Intermediates Technology
  3. Fibers & Textile Processing Technology
  4. Food Engineering & Technology
  5. Oils, Oleochemicals & Surfactant Technology
  6. Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology
  7. Polymer & Surface Engineering & Technology

Contributions for Chemical Engineering

Tanmay Gharat

  • Degree: B.Chem.Engg.
  • Year of Graduation: 2011

“UDCT produces the top 5% of all the chemical engineers of India; UDCT is the visa to US universities”- were the only things I knew about this college before I entered it. 3 years down the line, I consider myself fortunate to be here.

Views regarding ICT, at present.

  • The current director, Dr. G.D.Yadav, is a great visionary and has some great plans for ICT. The first phase of renovation is almost complete with every class being equipped with a projector+sound system.
  • Almost all the faculty is involved in research, and sometimes recruiting students for undergraduate research even after their 2nd year. Thus, one gets a peek into what research is all about early into his course. Coupled with this, the extensive library will always ensure you all the info about any chem tech topic.
  • ICT is equipped with 5 hostels for the undergrads, post-grads and a separate one for ladies. The crowd here is very mix, with students probably from the entire country (as well as from US and Middle-east). Added to that is its location in the heart of Mumbai, an added advantage.
  • Thanks to ICT, I am inspired by the likes of Mr.Gharda, I am dreaming to be an entrepreneur.
  • The faculty have great contacts in the industry as well as in foreign universities. Their recommendations add greatly to one’s application package. Also, one gets a good hang of the industry from their knowledge, which makes it easier to adapt to, when one finishes.
  • ICT offers more than 200 various merit-cum-means scholarships for the needy students.
  • It conducts intra-college contests like Funtech. It regularly conducts various guest lectures of eminent speakers from India as well as abroad institutes. Along with these curricular activities, ICT hosts national events like the Youthfest, Manzar and Sportsaga along with intra-college events like Manthan, Funtech and SPICMACAY. So, it’s not really only about studies.
  • The most important of all is the ‘junior-senior’ relationship in ICT. ICT’s seniors are the most helpful you’ll ever find. Then let it be notes, advice for further studies or anything else.

Things that need to be improved:

  • It may sound repetitive but its’ high time the website of ICT meets international standards.
  • The Labs are abode of the same old equipments. Same case with computer section. The internet speed is too slow and the OS used is outdated.
  • The administrative department needs serious expansion. Things take a long time to move ahead in the office section. It feels bad to see just one lady receptionist handling a large crowd alone during the admissions time.
  • Curriculum of subjects like Material .Tech. and Computer Lab need revision. Its’ no use teaching the students C-programming till the 4th Year when Softwares like MatLab, Simulink and Aspen are going to prove useful. Similarly, only 2 faculties for the Maths department of a chemical technology institute isn’t enough
  • Applying to foreign universities and placements in the Chem. Engg.Dept. are well organised. However, these processes go haywire in B.Tech. and B.Pharm. Depts.
  • ICT is in need of an Entrepreneurship cell like the ones in IITs. The alumni can play a major role in this part.

Apoorv Jain

  • Degree Obtained:          B. Chem. Engg.
  • Year of Graduation:      2010
  • Current Position:           Planning to start an enterprise
  • Email:                    


  1. Very well-known in the chemical industry because of the graduates who have performed outstandingly at their Jobs and because of the industry specific research carried out.
  2. Likes of Prof Venkatraman, Prof MM Sharma, Prof JB Joshi and many more and their descendants have been successful in bringing the institute to the current level.
  3. The institute has a lot to offer in terms of both technical and non-technical activities. But the point is one has to make full use of such opportunities it. It will not be made easily available until and unless one pursues. There are a lot of hidden opportunities in ICT.


  1. Chemical Engineering is taught like nowhere else in the country. When you compare yourself with other chemical engineers in the country from other colleges, you realize the difference.
  2. Library is priceless. One of the very strong point of the institute. It is worth extracting as much info as possible from the library during the stay at the institute.
  3. Methodology of teaching and setting question papers of quite a few courses are very mundane.
  4. The subject Communication Skills needs an overhaul.

Extra Curricular:

  1. If you want to do something, you can with some efforts. Even if the facilities not there it can be made available.
  2. Lot of scope to introduce new things in extra-curricular. That’s where new students should innovate.
  3. The city of Mumbai is an added advantage to explore extra-curricular activities.

Career Options:

  1. Perfect place if one wants to make career in chemical industry in any sector.
  2. Best chances to get PhD admissions in top Chem Engg as well as Science schools. e.g MIT, Purdue. Most  professors’ recommendations are highly valued.
  3. Job opportunities are there but the placement cell is being streamlined and should start showing results by 2012.
  4. Chemical engineers are very versatile people and go onto work in varied sectors, both technical and non-technical.

Like :

  1. Library.
  2. Knowledgeable professors. (most of them)
  3. Hostel.
  4. Greenery.
  5. Industry and academia Contacts that you get to develop throughout the world.


  1. Administrative delays
  2. Question paper pattern. Though CGPA system will improve this.
  3. Unorganised placement methodology, especially in B.Tech branches.
  4. ICTians lack soft skills in a significant way and that’s what sometimes holds us back.

Things you would like to change.

  1. Information Processing Center: Computers are very slow and the Internet connectivity is even slower. Need more computers.
  2. Library needs more working computers.
  3. The toilets of the college need to be  redesigned and be installed with better sanitary facilities.

Advice to incoming students.

Most has been said above only. Still some more points:

  1. Chemical Engineering is not just chemistry. It has significant mathematics. But if you like chemistry and ok with maths, then go ahead.
  2. Chemical Engineering is Process oriented while the BTech courses are Product oriented. That’s the basic difference.
  3. Do not expect high salaries immediately after you graduate.
  4. One should not go for an MS/PhD just because you are being paid for it. Only if you have a hang of what research is and have a few research topics of interest, go for an MS/PhD. So, do a research project after your 2nd year (at least 30-45 days) and you will do an industrial training after 3rd year. Get the feel of what both things are decide which one suits you the best.

Ishan Rao

  • Degree Obtained:          B. Chem. Engg.
  • Year of Graduation:      2008
  • Current Position:           PhD in Chemical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
  • Email:                    

First thing I relate to ICT is friends. People have different priorities in life, for me friends are very important. This college gave me people whom I can trust, people who I know will always be there and stand by me. It also gave me lovely juniors whom we helped in whatever way we could; they amazed us every single time by their achievements. It made me pals with the seniors who ‘interacted’ with us, got their drawings done and bullied us but in the end took care of us. ICT has strong alumni base. People might not know each but they will go out of their way to help any of their colleague.

I will brand ICT in a different way, starting from academics. No doubt we have one of the best curriculums in the country for chemical engineering. Brightest minds in the country come to this college, state toppers to board toppers. The subjects covered during the 4 years covers are of many inter-disciplinary fields as well as of core chemical engineering. This sets a very strong base for the student to pursue and explore different ventures for their careers. By far, for me, chemical engineering is a field from which you can make diversions and still excel. I can still understand and decode a security code but no other would understand the shrinking core model. It’s a versatile branch which has an aura of itself. It’s like the Clint Eastwood or Amitabh Bachchan of engineering, evergreen. Green reminds me of the lovely ICT gardens and the huge Library which is full of knowledge.

In the chemical industry, due to the excellent work by the alumni of ICT we have gained a lot of reputation. With the several branches of BTech we are the power house of the Indian chemical industry. But what is disheartening to see is the lack of media cell. Lack of initiatives made for students to get one of the best jobs in the country. These are basic things which are to be done in order to brand ICT. Contacts have to be created and faculty members have to go out of the way to get those recruiters.

All the top universities in USA and Europe have respect for chemical engineers from ICT. This is one field in which students have excelled in pursuing PhD and MSc degrees. It’s the environment presented in the college that attracts you to the deep ends of this field.

We are not comparable to IITs when it comes to undergraduate studies. The rankings published in different magazines and papers are based on publications made by graduate students or faculty. We do not have a good extracurricular base. Whatever we have is wholly and solely because of the undying initiative of the students in order to follow their passion. I would love to see an ICT where faculty promotes students in pursuing their passion rather than creating a constant pressure of performance. Teaching style is what has been to me the biggest drawback in our system. Exams have never been problem oriented but sometimes based on rote-learning. This is something that needs to change for creating better individuals. A few subjects which have only theory need to have projects in it to better assess a student instead of grading on the basis who writes more on ‘What is Organizational Behavior?’ I have heard that a new grading system has been deployed but if it’s still on the basis of absolute marks and not a distribution curve. It defeats the whole purpose.

I am proud to say I studied in an era which saw sports in ICT roar like a kingdom in African safari. I had the privilege to serve the ICT cricket, football and basketball team. I was fortunate to be the sport secretary for the session 2006-07 and tried to justify my role with my best abilties. There’s one thing in ICT that always follows. Next time it has to be better. Started by Abhinaba Gupto and Karan Kabra, Sportsaga claimed new heights every year. I, along with Sandeep Lanjewar, was able to put it to new scales with big sponsors. But from then what Vinit Singh and Gurpreet Singh have achieved is incredible and it has only grown bigger. Also Manzar: the first inter-collegiate cultural festival of ICT. The way people worked to make it happen showed their passion and belief in the event organizers. I can still recall those endless night discussing and troubling our GS and CS. I have seen the difficulties a student has to face to play a match carrying the name of his college on his sleeves. Difficulties generated for the organizers although they are just trying to make the name for their college. Only if it could be understood MOODI and Techfest just did not become that popular on their own.

At the end there is no point blaming the system. You have to be in it to change it. ICT teaches one to take the initiative. Professors guide us to bring any change in college we want to. Be it leveling of ground, getting quotation for catering or anything, the motto is – Take the initiative. That’s what probably created the top entrepreneurs in the country from ICT.

The intra cultural festival ‘Funtech’ has its own charm. People come together to pull up one of the best performances ever seen and the fun everyone has on these days. Different branches come together, people know each other well and at the end its worth being there for three days and wasting yourself to the core. Also one more thing is the bonding of Chemical engineering with its specialized branches in B.Tech and B.Pharma. Batch of 2008 was again fortunate to have an eternal bonding with each other. There was no competition but only friendship. This was the key for making Manzar and Sportsaga a success.

Lastly ICT gave me home (the hostel), not house, in Mumbai. House is made of bricks but the love of all the hostelites, including classmates, juniors and seniors made it an unforgettable journey. I can still go back and just stay in that place for weeks without complaining. Even today I feel like going back to the college, that’s what ICT does to you. It makes you part of a family which you just do not wish to leave at the end of 4 years.

ICT has the potential to surpass all the top universities in the country for undergraduate studies. I am confident that things have changed drastically since I graduated but at the end it has to be about students. Steps taken have to be in consideration with students and their impact on a student’s life. I might have added a few suggestions for the improvement since there is always a scope. Future students, this is a step if you take you will never repent. Knowing the fact I was headed to NIT Jaipur and turned to ICT might you a bit comfortable.

I opted to do my PhD in Chemical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, USA. I am working on Gas hydrates Formation and Deposition in Gas Dominated Systems at the Center for Hydrate Research. At one point I wanted to make easy money like all engineers and do MBA. But I fell in love with my field and a thought struck me that my college spent 4 years to create an individual like me, why waste it. That’s again something ICT inculcated in me. I still follow my passion: cricket, here in USA and have represented Colorado against Texas and New Mexico. I still visit a lot of my college friends in USA and stay in touch. I sponsored an event in Sportsaga and still am in touch with juniors. I always visit my college which made me who I am.

Anisha Goel

  • Degree Obtained at ICT:          B. Chem. Engg.
  • Year of Graduation:                  2006
  • Other Degree:                            MS, IIT Delhi
  • Current Position:                       PhD Student, VU and Wageningen University,                                                               Netherlands
  • Email:                                
  • Website:

I recently received an email from somebody asking me, as an ICT alumnus, to guide her to make a decision about choosing between Computer Science in a national institute and chemical engineering at ICT. This is what I had to say about a few questions:

Computer science or Chemical engineering / technology?

The first statement that I can make is that you can get into a software company if you are a chemical engineer but you cannot get a chemical engineer’s job if you’ve done computer science. I can understand the kind of dilemma this is. But from what I have seen, chemical engineering is one of the best branches you can choose if you are unsure of the field you want to enter, and of course a good amount of hard work is a must. After your degree you can get good jobs in the food / pharmaceutical / biotechnology, project engineering companies, other chemical industries, software companies, etc. Moreover, any chemical oriented institute / enterprise you go, the brand name of ICT will be of significance.

Is chemical engineering alright for girls?

In the modern times like ours I am surprised that such questions still exist. To elaborate with some examples, however, our batch had a good ratio of girls which was above 20% (it may be higher now). Some of them joined consultancies, others joined PhD in USA, a few opted for MBA and then continued management jobs in industry / consultancies. I do not see how a gender bias arises here.

Is hostel life, especially in Mumbai, OKAY?

With respect to living, ICT has its own hostel in the campus which is quite cheap for a city like Mumbai. The area of Matunga / Dadar is also very nice and is not crowded like the rest of Mumbai. I think the exposure that one gets will be good for since hostel life makes you learn a lot about life first hand, which is not something you gain when you are in a protected environment like your home. Among my friends I was the farthest away from home – 500 km! But it only made me more confident, and helped me build better relationships with people living close by.

Of course you would like to know something about me who’s giving all this advice:

After ICT, I was accepted for a Masters position in IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur, with a GATE rank of 71 in chemical engineering, and it was the training at ICT that made such a score possible. I pursued my Masters in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology from IIT Delhi, and completed my research thesis from the Technical University of Dresden, Germany on scholarship. Currently I’m pursuing my PhD in the Netherlands, in the field of systems biology which involves microbiology, bioinformatics and engineering. Even though I have come slightly away from the main stream of chemical engineering, every now and then there is some issue in which I apply the basic principles that I’ve been trained for, at ICT.

What I really liked about ICT was its diverse culture, collection of brainy nerds and happy-go-lucky characters, numerous extra-curricular activities, sternness and at the same time friendliness of the professors and the list goes on. So overall, my suggestion is always to go ahead with ICT if you have a choice. Of course, you must take full responsibility for your decision and never look back once you’ve made it. But with hard work and dedication, I can imagine, sky is the limit for what you can achieve.

There are limitations everywhere you go but it’s our responsibility to make the most of what we can. I am pleased to see that a lot has changed since I was at ICT especially due to its autonomous status now and I see a great future for all those who emerge… mature, learned and confident from this institute.


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  1. Adhavan.v says:

    I am a 2008 batch joinined chemical engg 3rd year student,any job vacancy means,pls contact

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