ICT in the media

The Institute of Chemical Technology as found in the national and international media.

Ranking as given by various organisations

  1. Yahoo! India – Engineering Colleges Rankings 2011 – ICT ranked 22nd
  2. Outlook India – Top 75 Engineering Colleges 2009 – ICT ranked 44th
Here is a list of articles about the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai:

  1. 21 Apr 2012 – Times of India – Institute of Chemical Technology becomes 1st institute to get state’s elite badge
  2. 21 Apr 2012 – Hindustan Times – Elite status for the Institute of Chemical Technology
  3. 5 Mar 2012 – Hindustan Times – City researchers develop dye molecules for solar cells
  4. 25 Jan 2012 – Hindustan Times – ICT ranked fourth best chemical engineering school in the world for the second consecutive year
  5. 6 Jan 2012 – DNA India – Sifting through filth for a healthy cause
  6. 13 Dec 2011 – The Business Line – ICT bags honours in the GE Edison Challenge
  7. 6 Dec 2011 – DNA India – Technical Institutes get World Bank grant
  8. 18 Sep 2011 – DNA India – ICT gets Rs. 24 crore to study sports fabric
  9. 13 Sep 2011 – Economic Times – Textile ministry grants Rs. 24.5 crore to ICT to set up R&D centre
  10. 10 Sep 2011 – Express India – ICT emerges as top biotech school
  11. 24 Jul 2011 – Sakal – CM’s request to make ICT a central university [Marathi]
  12. 20 Jun 2011 – Hindustan Times – City institute develops zero calorie herbal sweetener.
  13. 11 Jun 2011 – Times of India – Tech institute to conduct admission
  14. 30 May 2011 – Telegraph, India – Research with low funds? ICT shows how
  15. 30 May 2011 – Loksatta – Search-Research [Marathi]
  16. 30 May 2011 – Maharashtra Times – ICT jagaat chouthi [Marathi]
  17. 30 May 2011 – Mumbai Mirror – Mumbai’s institute ranked fourth in the world
  18. 29 May 2011 – Business Standard – ICT ranked 4th in research standards
  19. 29 Mar 2011 – Financial Express – Four ICT students to get highest fellowships, Pidilite-Prof MM Sharma doctoral fellowship
  20. 29 Mar 2011 – Indian Express – ICT offers highest studentship
  21. 7 Feb 2011 – Hindustan Times – Fuel from Algae
  22. 7 Feb 2011 – Panchabuta.com – Institute of Chemical Technology working on next generation low cost super-scale algal biofuel
  23. 5 Feb 2011 – Hindustan Times – In 2010, Matunga institute published 185 research papers

Here is a list of articles that quote ICT or ICT’s faculty members:

  1. 24 May 2012 – Times of India – Now, your favourite posion via hyacinth
  2. 9 Feb, 2012 – Downstream Today – Indian State’s Govt Eye Chem Industry Growth
  3. 4 Jul, 2011 – Times of India – Research Invitation
  4. 9 Dec, 2010 – Education Times – Food for Thought
  5. 17 May, 2010 – LANXESS signs MoU with ICT
  6. 25 Feb, 2005 – Gwalior Chemical Industry’s research done in ICT

Here is a list of articles about the events that took place at ICT:

  1. 30 Jan, 2011 – Mumbai Mirror – The fashion files
  2. 29 Jan, 2011 – Mumbai Mirror – Mid-life issues with musical connections
  3. 19 Jan, 2011 – Hindustan Times – It’s time for some festival frolic
  4. 29 Nov, 2010 – Know-a-fest on Exergy 2011

This is a list of articles that I could dig up with the help of friends and the alumni group. If you find any more links that you think deserve to be added to this list please leave a comment below.


10 Responses to ICT in the media

  1. Anisha Menon says:

    What is the source of the 30th May Jude Sommerfeld stories? The survey that it refers to is nowhere to be found on the internet, and I am afraid it might just be a hoax.

    • akshatrathi294 says:

      I will try to find the original survey and get back to you once I have it.

      • Pankaj Sane says:

        If this is available, can you post it here/publicly? To this date, I can only find ICT folks talking about it. More troubling is the fact that even if Prof. Sommerfeld were to be the real source, he doesn’t have any international standing/research background to do global institute benchmarking. Would love to see his methodology and an international peer review of his work, before we attach much import to this.

      • Akshat Rathi says:

        Hi Pankaj, Please find the requested file here.

      • Pankaj Sane says:

        Thanks Akshat. That is certainly helpful – but it is just an Excel file. If Prof. Sommerfield has been doing this for over a decade, has he not ever published it in some peer-reviewed literature where we can clearly see his assumptions and methodology. From this dataset it is unclear 1) which publications are being counted, 2) why are they not being normalized to faculty size, 3) is the impact factor of the journals in which they appear being taken into account, 4) are the publications by ChemE department being counted, or all publications from ICT in ChemE areas being counted, etc. Since you have been in contact with Prof. Sommerfield, it would be great if you can get your hands on the actual report/publication.

    • Anand V. Patwardhan says:

      It is not a hoax. Prof. Jude Sommerfield has been doing this survey for the last many years. The authentic record can be found with our Vice Chancellor – Professor G. D. Yadav.

      Dr. Anand V. Patwardhan
      Professor of Chemical Engineering,
      Dean (Academic Programme),
      Vice President (Technological Association)

  2. arb says:

    Many ICT students can attest to the fact that the university is not exactly the most well-known or prestigious school as compared to IITs, NITs or IIMs. The fact of the matter is that ICT simply does not carry the same weight as those schools. However, as a university ICT should strive to improve for the sake of being a great university, rather than showcase itself in some unknown ranking. By repeated showcasing in some unknown ranking it just shows how self-conscious ICT is with its rankings and such. A lot of students seem to feel the need to prove that ICT is better than its peers, which just show their insecurity.
    If ICT is really good it should not bother about ranking or media publicity, A gracious winner does not boast a victory in the face of an opponent.

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