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Allotropy in life

Can we apply allotropy in real life? Be a different person in different roles? Continue reading

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Synthesising Soufflés

Why does a soufflé rise so much? How can you make the perfect soft boiled egg? Why should we not store raspberries in a copper vessel? Akshat Rathi investigates the science that can answer these questions. Continue reading

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Are fish oil supplements any good for school children?

In 2006, Equazen, a company that sells fish oil supplements donated to Durham city council enough pills to feed 3000 children for one year. Their aim was to assess if the supplements would enhance the performance of students and make … Continue reading

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Asteroids likely source of Earth’s water

Bad Science examples from the media: Indian Express, April 29, 2010 Ice asteroids likely source of Earth’s water: Study Astronomers have for the first time detected ice and organic compounds on an asteroid, a pair of landmark studies. The discovery … Continue reading

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