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Sparking young minds

Last year I helped organise a science essay writing competition in my high school. This year, with the help of teachers, a similar competition was organised at Rasbihari International School in Nashik (where I also gave a talk earlier this year). … Continue reading

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On Speaking

I have a fear of public speaking. It is not a debilitating phobia, but when I have to speak to an audience I prefer to have time for preparation (not just for practicing but also to gather some courage). Even … Continue reading

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On being creative

This week’s Brain Picking’s newsletter brought to my attention this gem of a talk on creativity by John Cleese of the Monty Python fame. Of particular interest to readers of this blog should be a quote from the talk: Keep your mind … Continue reading

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A smart excuse to not put in the effort

At some point in our lives we seem to find ourselves in a kind of ‘flow’ where we find our work effortlessly enjoyable. All the knobs in our heads have been tuned just to the right extent allowing us to … Continue reading

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