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The future of our materialistic selves

“I need a computer”, I told my dad in 2005. I was finishing the first year of my degree and none of my hostel friends had a computer yet. He knew that. “Why do you think it’s necessary?”, he asked … Continue reading

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What difference do I make?

The poorest half of the world produces 7% of global carbon emissions. The richest 7% produces half the carbon emissions. – The Economist An article in the Economist that argued that attempts at curbing population growth isn’t an answer to … Continue reading

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Choose a Better Belief System

I deeply care about how I can make the most out of what I have. I obsess about efficiency and I try my best to find the tools that can help me become more productive. This post is about belief systems and … Continue reading

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Those awesome people

Recently, I found myself in a situation where I had to write about my role models. When I could not furnish an answer instantly, I was taken aback by my lack of an immediate response. Surely everyone has role models, … Continue reading

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