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Indian Family: a weird social contract

We are born into a family. We don’t have a choice. We’ll remain associated with it till our dying day whether we like it or not. We can either accept the quirks of its members and enjoy them or fight … Continue reading

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The blogging dilemma

I have two opposing arguments in my head. One that wants me to support blogging and one that makes me ignore it. I can’t seem to convince myself to choose a side. But does it really matter if I choose … Continue reading

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Do as I say if you want to become a leader

We’ve built education systems which teach us to be obedient. They make us experts in following instructions. It is hoped that eventually through this obedience will emerge self-control that will enable us to become leaders. Leaders need self-control, there is … Continue reading

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The internet, social media and relationships

Whenever I sign in to my Facebook account, I am greeted by hundreds of smiling faces wanting to tell me about their lives. I can at the choice of my whim get entertained by my friends doing stupid things or … Continue reading

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