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I am changing my diet

I am reading Tim Ferris’ The 4-hour Body and it has prompted me to change my diet. I am 180 cm in height and weigh about 69 kg. It is not that I need to lose weight but I would very … Continue reading

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Quick Fix Recipe 3: Onion + Tomato

This is part of a series on recipes that I use to fix myself a quick meal with as little number of ingredients as possible. The recipe was put together by Deeksha. The speciality of this tomato chutney is that … Continue reading

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The art of finishing

Even before starting to follow Seth Godin, I believed in the value of finishing what I started. May be this habit stems from a childhood experience. My parents did not allow me to leave the dining table till I had … Continue reading

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Letting go off expectations and goals?

Leo Babauta writes about living a life with no goals and without expectations. Yes, the blog is called zen habits and may be its only zen monks who are able to do what Leo wants people to do. That would have been … Continue reading

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