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Academic writing v/s popular writing

When scientists write journal articles their main purpose is to inform the readers about the new discovery or invention that they have made. But that is not all, to be able to communicate their results they often weave a ‘story’. … Continue reading

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Time well spent removing the creases

All of us spend a certain number of hours per week at work. Some of us work only the required number of hours because those are the office hours for which they get paid. Some of us work extra hours … Continue reading

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Another human folly has made me think about how I look

I used to think that how I look or what I wear should not matter. The only thing that should matter is what I stand for: my work, my words and my nature. And yet, time and again as a … Continue reading

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Dealing with anxiety by overcoming a human folly

We all suffer from anxiety at many points in our life. It is an unwanted but unavoidable feeling. In this post I am going to discuss one technique which works quite effectively. Continue reading

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