ICT has a new website

Yes that’s BIG news! I think this is the first time that ICT website has ever been redesigned. Kudos to the people who have put the effort in getting this done. Here are the links:

  1. New New: http://www.ictmumbai.edu.in/web/home.html
  2. Old New: http://www.ictmumbai.edu.in/default.aspx
  3. Old Old: http://www.udct.org/MAIN/INDEX.HTML

Now, the fact that there is a New New and an Old New says to me that people who are trying to redesign it are open to experimenting. And given the fact that most of the pages on the newest website are still under construction, I think it is a good time to give feedback on this design so that changes may be incorporated before everything is finalised. So here’s my two pence on the ‘new new’ website.


  1. User friendliness: The new website is the most user-friendly of all the previous designs.
  2. Front Page: As impressed as I am with the fact that the Institute has taken efforts to make a new website, I think the front page needs work. Especially the header, it can be a really simple one not a hodge-podge of three images as it is now. The flash animation is a nice thing but it’s kiddish. It does not give an impression of being a professional institute. All that said, I do like the section below the animation except that there is too much text because of the director’s address (may be we can have that on an internal page with a prominent link on the front page for it).
  3. Internal Pages: All the internal pages have far too much dependence on flash. It takes ages to load the pages. They look good once loaded but I know that even without the use of flash we can make great pages. I also know that too much dependence of flash would mean that the website will not get update as frequently as it should be. The text on the departmental introductory pages is so big! When I am reading, it seems like someone is shouting those words at me.
  4. Home button: I am not sure if any of you noticed the home button which is there on every internal page situated at the right bottom. I like the design (may be a little too big though). I’d really think that button should be on top left (not in the header but just below the header in the page area.


  1. Links: The new website should have links to college festivals’ websites like Manzar, Sportsaga, Exergy and to the Spirit.
  2. Gallery: Rather than having the kiddish flash on the front page what can make the website seem professional yet friendly is having a gallery section with images of the college and the many events that have taken place in college. If the Institute sends out a request for photographs, I am sure that they will come up with a library of 1000s of photographs of which they can choose a few 100 to showcase the life of the students at ICT
  3. Alumni: The institute can get some really good quotes from the ICT awareness campaign which it can feature on the front page of the website.
  4. Surface coating technology: I could not see that under departments, is that not a department anymore?

What do you guys think about the website? Leave your feedback as a comment on this post and hopefully, the people involved in the design can then find all the feedback at one place.

About Akshat Rathi

Akshat Rathi is a senior reporter for Bloomberg News. He has previously worked at Quartz, The Economist and The Conversation. His writing has appeared in Nature, The Guardian and The Hindu. He has a PhD in chemistry from Oxford University and a BTech in chemical engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.
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1 Response to ICT has a new website

  1. Rati says:

    First of all, kudos to the people who took the long-due initiative! The website still lacks the appeal and the professional touch. The layout, header etc. can be made simpler and smarter. Too many colours and massive font size makes it look kaleidoscopic. More information can be accommodated on home page if the content is appropriately compartmentalized. And as Akshat has pointed out, a photo gallery will definitely catch the eyeballs. Examples can be drawn from some really good International University Websites. Keep up the good work!

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