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The acceptance of our existence

I finished reading Thomas Nagel’s What does it all mean? It is a very short introduction to philosophy which explores nine fundamental questions: How do we know anything?, Other minds, Mind-body problem, the meaning of words, Free Will, Right and … Continue reading

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How important is it to have heroes?

In a recent post Seth Godin compared the efforts needed to learn a new thing with the joy one gets from doing it. Graph 1: Over time, as we discover new things and get better at it, our satisfaction increases. … Continue reading

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Emotions and writing

A friend recently told me that she finds it hard to write about something unless she has strong feelings for it. ‘It’ can be any thing, any person, or any thought. There is a lot of truth in that submission, … Continue reading

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Shifting the burden of proof away from karma

In the comments on my post on karma, Alex picked up on an assumption I made while trying to explain how the concept of karma saves its face from any arguments against it. I said it was the case of … Continue reading

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