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How karma screwed me over

I was born and brought up in a progressive Hindu family. Everyone around me was ‘mildly’ religious. We celebrated all the usual festivals and said the mantras and recited prayers. Customs and traditions were followed with a certain degree of … Continue reading

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Why should I not make the most of my life then?

Many times in life I have these realisations that, this thing that I probably read/saw/heard is exactly what can help me if I use/apply/spread it. I make a note of it but more often than not I forget about it. … Continue reading

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The island of Lindau

Before I tell you about this beautiful place called Lindau, you have to experience the journey from Munich to Lindau on the S-Bahn. It was the cutest train that I ever seen in my life. It had compartments, the ones … Continue reading

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Can I call this a Eurotrip?

I think my latest travel can be called a Eurotrip because unlike last time I saw more than just one city. In Feb 2009 I was in the EU and I spent five days only in Paris but this time … Continue reading

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