A comparison of chemical engineering schools around the world

A recently published article in Current Science contains a scientometric analysis of chemical engineering publications globally with a focus on Indian schools. In it features my alma mater, the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (ICT-M).

Chetan Mahajan does a quick analysis to point out where ICT-M stands.

  1. While it’s already known that ICT-M ranks first w.r.t. number of publications in India, it also ranks first (along with IIT-Kanpur) amongst all academic institutions in India w.r.t. average h-index (20). These are the institutions where the faculty members have to shoulder the additional responsibility of teaching undergraduates, unlike in IISc.
  2. If any inst in India is considered, then ICT-M ranks third after NaCL at the top with avg. h-index of 23, followed by IISc (21) , which is then closely followed by ICT-M and IIT-K jointly at 20.
  3. ICT-M is the only institute in India, apart from IISc, to have a better PFY (publication per faculty per year) than renowned US ChemE departments such as Purdue and Penn State.
  4. Only IISc and ICT-M in India  compare well with Purdue and Penn state w.r.t. CFY (Citation per faculty per year).

Last but not least, IISc & ICT-M are the best schools in India but still have a long way to go to reach the levels of MIT and UMinn (top ChemEs in US) or even Seoul National Univ (Top ChemE in South Korea) as the same article points out.

About Akshat Rathi

Akshat Rathi is a senior reporter for Bloomberg News. He has previously worked at Quartz, The Economist and The Conversation. His writing has appeared in Nature, The Guardian and The Hindu. He has a PhD in chemistry from Oxford University and a BTech in chemical engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.
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