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How a Homeopath tried to understand the science behind Homeopathy

At Café Scientifique, last night, I heard Dr. Stephen Cartwright speak on ‘Homeopathy – Dispelling myths and establishing facts’. I had never been to one of these CafeSci evenings, but going from the description, I was hoping there will be … Continue reading

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Always eat fruits before a meal?? The science behind false claims

Short answer: It may have marginal benefits. Definitely not enough to entirely change your eating habits though! Long rant: I was sent this email as a forward. Many of you might have received it. This blog post is an attempt to put … Continue reading

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Google Leaflet

Surprising fact: 1/6th of UK population has never used the internet. So what does google do to change this? It goes offline. Prints leaflets! Imagine what will the poster look like?

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