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The Newton’s Apple Workshop on Science Policy

Being invited to London for a workshop on Science Policy was reason enough to excite me but when I came to know that it is going to take place in Portcullis House, a place where the real action behind law … Continue reading

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Interview with Aubrey de Grey: Published at LabLit

Published at LabLit Today, as the world looks at the great possibility of life extension it sees Aubrey de Grey lead the field from the front. He may not be the guy who has achieved all the great science that is … Continue reading

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TEDxWarwick 2010

After a long wait, I got to attend my first ever TED event and what an event to start my TED experience. TEDxWarwick 2010 proved to be a great experience and was definitely worth the TED tag. In 2009, TEDxWarwick … Continue reading

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