White wonderland

The highlight of my return to the UK this year was definitely the snow. The moment our plane broke through the clouds and we could see heathrow from the window, I was awestruck. Everything was white, it looked so pristine from the plane. The journey from Heathrow to Oxford was equally mesmerizing. Although, it had been almost 30 hours since I’d left home and had had hardly any sleep, the views of the white wonderland did not let me wink. I even managed to tweet a poem!

Exeter college chapel

It snowed a little more today and I could not stop myself from taking pictures. Here you will find a link to the rest of the pictures.


About Akshat Rathi

Akshat Rathi is a science journalist. He has previously worked at The Economist and The Conversation. His writing has appeared in Nature, The Guardian and The Hindu. He has a PhD in chemistry from Oxford University and a BTech in chemical engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.
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One Response to White wonderland

  1. surabhirathi says:

    Wow! the pictures are wonderful..!!!

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