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Why not treat ‘Change’ as empowering?

Since the Obama campaign, the word ‘change’ has become ubiquitous. Today it is treated synonymous to ‘change for the better’. This optimism is exactly what the world needs right now. There are many such campaigns out there which are trying to empower … Continue reading

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Why Exeter must support a meatless day a week?

Two students from the JCR of Exeter College have proposed to the JCR & MCRthat one day in the college hall should be meatless. Their main argument stems from the UN’s Livestock’s Long Shadow Report. The  400-page report is an in-depth … Continue reading

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How to stay awake for 22-hours everyday?

Physicists have not yet found a way to alter the Earth’s speed of rotation to give us a thirty-hour day, but sleep researchers may have found a way to get an eight-hour sleep in just two hours—letting you cram in … Continue reading

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Let’s freecycle India

Let’s Freecycle India Everyone loves free stuff. What if you get free stuff and also get to contribute your bit to save the environment? That is what the idea behind Freecycle is. Freecycle is a network that has close, almost … Continue reading

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